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Executive Hotels & Resorts

Executive Hotels & Resorts is a Vancouver based privately owned hotel branding, management and development company. The company’s primary business is the management and marketing of four star hotels and resorts under the Executive Hotels and Resorts brand worldwide.

Currently, there are 14 hotels managed by the company with several new hotel projects in various stages of development. The company also operates the Executive Rewards Loyalty program and Executive Purchasing Program for independent hotel and car rental properties worldwide.

Executive Hotels & Resorts: Branded Hotels

4-Star hotels and resorts under the Executive Hotels & Resorts brand worldwide.

Executive Hotels & Resorts

Le Soleil Hotels

EXchange Hotel

Seaside Hotel

In today’s competitive environment, there has been an increased emphasis on improving the operating efficiencies and marketability of existing properties and repositioning them in the market through capital improvements and brand affiliation. The management and branding expertise the company has employed in the redevelopment and repositioning of its contracts with hotels and resorts has led to the increased success of those properties and in turn, the relatively quick growth of the company.

Strategic Expansion

Executive Hotels & Resorts is well positioned to capitalize on the increasing number of exciting opportunities which are presenting themselves to the company and further increase its position as a leading operator of four star hotels and resorts worldwide. Executive has recently expanded its flagship brand to New York and Toronto.

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Corporate Office: Guiness Tower, 1038-1055 W. Hastings St., Vancouver, BC V6E 2E9
Tel: (604)642-5250 | Fax: (604)642-5255